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How to solve the oil tank failure of the cone crusher

Time: 2024-05-29 10:12:04

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The oil tank failure of the cone crusher may have many reasons. The following are some common failures and corresponding solutions:
cone crusher
cone crusher

1. The oil temperature is too high:

Causes: poor oil quality or insufficient oil, bearing damage, high ambient temperature, no cooling water or low cooling water pressure, cooler blockage, etc.

Solution: change oil or add oil, replace bearings, supply cooling water or increase cooling water pressure, clean cooler, etc.

2. The amount of return oil in the oil tank is reduced and the oil level is lowered:

Causes: oil leakage from the bottom cover of the crusher, oil leakage from the transmission bearing housing flange, blockage of the spherical bearing seat ring groove or excessive oil supply causing oil to leak from the dustproof device.

Solution: Stop the machine to find out the cause and eliminate it, then add oil to the oil tank; clean the return oil ring groove, adjust the oil supply, and add oil to the oil tank.

3. The oil temperature exceeds 55℃, but the oil pressure does not increase:

Cause: There is a problem with the eccentric sleeve part.

Solution: Stop the equipment, check the straight bushing and cone bushing, find out the cause and eliminate it before running.

4. The oil temperature rises as the oil pressure rises:

Cause: The oil pipe or the internal oil circuit of the crusher is blocked.

Solution: Stop the machine to find the blockage and clear it.

5. The oil temperature coming out of the cooler exceeds the standard value:

Cause: There is no cooling water, the cooling water temperature is high, and the cooler is blocked.

Solution: Add cooling water, check the water pressure, check the cooling water temperature, and clean the cooler.

6. There is water in the oil and the amount of oil in the oil tank increases:

Cause: Water enters the thin oil station, the cooler leaks and the water pressure is greater than the oil pressure, the small cone crusher has too much water supply or the return pipe is blocked.

Solution: Cover the thin oil station, clean the oil tank and replace the oil, repair the leaking part or replace the cooler and reduce the water pressure, adjust the water supply or clean the return pipe and clean the oil tank and replace new oil.

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